Bloomin’ Bag Dispenser

This pattern was done with a combination of crochet and knitting (mainly knitting)

by craftbits (shellie wilson)

So you could substitute the crocheted parts for knitting if you prefer. I was plain and did mine in all green to match my kitchen, but you could do stripes or whatever to spruce it up.

What you need

50-100 g of WW yarn (I used leftover Acrylic/cotton in the picture so I am not sure if 50g would be enough)
2 hair elastics
size 7 double pointed needles (4)
size G crochet hook (optional)
yarn needle



CO 60 stitches (or desired amount but it must be dividable by 5 if you want to do the crochet edge)
Separate stitches onto 3 needles and knit around using 4 needles
Knit until it reaches 18 inches in length (or desired length)
Attach yarn to the end and SC around in each stitch on top of the hair elastic. BO Repeat on opposite end.

(I used crochet to do the handle, but I’m sure you could probably CO 4 stitches and knit it and then sew in the ends.)
Join yarn to where you want the side handle to start.
Row 1: Using crochet hook SC 4, CH1, turn
Row 2: SC in second ST from hook and remaining 2 ST, CH 1, turn
Repeat Row 2 until strap reaches 14 inches, or desired length.
Make sure the strap is straight and sew it to the other side using the yarn needle (or you could SC or SL ST it together but I thought it melded better by just sewing it)

Bottom (optional):
Row 1: SC around (60) SL ST to beginning SC.
Row 2: *CH 4, TC in next st, DC in next st, HDC in next st, SC in next st, SL ST in next st*. Repeat from * around. BO

This project was submitted by Desperatehouselife.blogspot.com

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