Bean Bag Frog Plushie

This is a great fun project for kids just learning to sew. And you can use any of your scrap material, including felt, satins or even heavy upholstery fabric scraps.

by Shellie Wilson

What you need

Green Felt
Corduroy or silk
Contrast fabric for belly
Plastic beads for filling
Wobbly eyes


Start by printing off the pattern below and enlarging it to the size you would like your frog to be.

Cut 1 piece out for the top and 1 piece out for the bottom of the frog. The pattern is designed to work with a fold-down-the-middle.

With the right sides together, sew around your frog either on a sewing machine or hand sewing leaving a small section open for turning the right way and filling.

Stitch of glue on the eyes. If you don’t have wobble eyes you can use buttons or felt pieces.

Turn the frog the right side out using a pen or pencil to push out the arms and legs.

Using a funnel fill the frog with plastic filling beads and then using strong thread close the opening.

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