Bath Tub Scrubber

These Bath tub scrubs are much like a body puff except these are for scrubbing the bath tub clean.

by Craftbits (Shellie Wilson)

What you need

1 yard (1m) of Nylon tulle
Strong thread


Using your tulle lay it out flat and turn over a hem of 5 inches. Keep folding it over in 5 inch sections till it is completely folded into a long 5 inch wide pile of tulle.

Pin it to secure and using a strong thread sew the middle of the length together tightly.

Cut the edges of the length to remove and folds and using a running/gathering stitch sew from one end to the other.

Draw up the tulle into a puff that fits into your hand and secure with stitches.

Pull the puff around to open up the layers and to create a nice circular puff.

Trim it into a ball with some sharp scissors.

Use this puff for cleaning and scrubbing your bath.

The same pattern can be used with a softer tulle to make puff’s suitable for the body.

Image courtesy: Krebs’ Class via Flickr

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