Baby Twizzler Poncho

This knitted baby poncho pattern is as cute as it is easy to make.

by Craftbits (Shellie Wilson)

What you need

size 9-12 months.

Size 10 needles (size 6 metric)
1 ball of fashion yarn (candy floss,powder puff)


This pattern has a matching hat.

This poncho is knit in garter stitch.

Cast on 1 st increase the 1st of every row until 50 sts are on your needle.

The next step is to make the front neck opening.

Next row knit 32sts. turn and continue without increasing for 8 rows. Push the stitches to the end of your needle and leaving a long length, and then break off the yarn.

Now pickup the remaining 18 sts and garter stitch 4 rows. Knit across all stitches (50 sts).

Now begin the next step by decreasing the 1st stitch of every row until only 1 stitch remains. Cast off.

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