Antique Handkerchief Table runner

Combine handkerchiefs to create a table runnner. This couldn't be easier!

by craftbits (shellie wilson)

What you need

Approximately 9 pretty handkerchiefs
Sewing thread to match


You are going to sew the handkerchiefs from the pointed end overlapping to the next handkerchief.

You need to lay them out on the table you are designing them for to see how many you need.

The centerpiece should be the largest handkerchief and then each following one should match the one directly opposite it on the other side of the center one.

Overlap them and then either fabric glue them in place or pin them to be sewn later.

If you want them to be more solid or to use them to protect your table then you should sew or fabric glue a soft backing on each piece first.

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