Amigurumi – Bubble Leg Monster

by Craftbits (Shellie Wilson)

This free Amigurumi crochet pattern shows you how to make a Crochet monster.

What you need

8ply wool (worsted weight) in 2 colors
Small 8-9 mm safety eyes or small buttons
small amount of polyfill toy stuffing


Starter ring used for all pieces : 3 chain join loop, 2 chain, 5 sc into loop.

Join to 2nd chain at beginning (6st) pull little tail to make ring snug.

Add marker and start to follow pattern.

Make pieces in the correct order

HORNS starter ring sc 1 round finish with long tail to sew to head later.

 "monster horns"

ARMS starter ring *inc all* (x6)(12st) 2sc, inc* (x4)(16st) Sc 5 rounds *6sc, dec* (x2)(14st) Sc 3 rounds *5sc, dec* (x2)(12st) Sc 5 rounds Finish and end with long tail to sew to body later. Only stuff tips of hands.

 "Bubble Monster Horns"


This is a small rectangular piece that goes in between the legs to make a slight gap. Make this from the body colour. Leave at least a 2′ tail.

Make 5 chain.

Turn and crochet into 2nd chain from hook. Crochet back to start (3sc) chain 2 turn and sc into each stitch to other end (3sc) Finish and leave another tail at least 2′ long.


EYE CIRCLE 4 chain and join into loop. 3 chain and 13 treble into circle. Join into 3rd st of the 3 chain. End with long thread to sew to face later.


Start using colour 2 Use starter ring *inc all* (x6)(12st) *inc all* (x12)(24st) Sc 3 rounds in colour 2 and then add colour1 Sc another 2 rounds using alternating stripes of colours 1 and 2 *4sc, dec* (x4)(20st) Sc 3 rounds *3sc.

Dec* (x4)(16st) Start stuffing feet. Make sure feet are stuffed firmly. Sc 4 rounds *2sc, dec* (x4)(12st) Sc 4 rounds in pattern. End colour 2. Sc another 2 rounds in colour 1 Finish and end with short tail.

Hide ends inside legs. Leave the last inch of the leg unstuffed

JOINING LEGS AND CONTINUING BODY Take gusset rectangle and pin between legs. Make sure legs both face the same way. Stitch in place down each long side of the rectangle.

 "Joinging Legs"

 "Joining Legs  - 2"

 "Legs tO Body"

Now take your crochet hook and main body colour. Join yarn at the back middle. Sc around the legs and across the gusset- 24st.

If you don’t have the same number don’t worry just keep following the pattern.

*3sc, inc* (x6)(30st) *2sc, inc* (x10(40st) Sc 5 rounds *8sc, dec* (x4)(36st)

Sc 5 rounds

 "Monster Man 4"

Do not end wool but loosen and put face on. Take eye circle and poke safety eye through middle and then poke the safety eye through the body before fixing on the back. Fix on other safety eye and sew a straight line for the mouth.

 "Eye to head"

Now stuff his body a little. Continue in the pattern *4sc, dec* (x6)(30st) *4sc, dec* (x6)(25st) *3sc, dec* (x5)(20st) Dec all till closed. Finish and hide ends inside body FINISHING Pin arms onto the body sides.

Ladder stitch in place when happy

 "Ladder Stitch"

 "Ladder Stitch and pin"

Pin horns on top of head and sew in place. All done!

 "Monster Bubble Leg Done"


Main image contributed by reader Shana and version below by babysminky