8 Handmade Necklaces

Let’s talk for a minute about necklaces.

by Larissa Coleman

A good necklaces can make or break the “perfect” outfit. It can either complete your look or make it seem completely off. Put a handmade touch to your clothes with one of these necklaces. You can completely personalize it to any color and you’re guaranteed to love it.

1- DIY Wire Necklace from Craftbits

2- Rope Necklace from Brit + Co

4- Chandelier Necklace from Craftbits

5- Cross Stitch Pendant from Melanie Ham

6- DIY Pearl Charm Necklace from Craftbits

7- Braided Thread Necklace from Craftbits

8- Gingham and Pearl Necklace from Tatertots and Jello