Wire DragonFly

For this project you can use plain or coloured fine grade memory Jewelry wire.

by craftbits (shellie wilson)

What you need

1 x 7.5 inch(20cms) of Jewelry Wire
2 x 6 inch(15cms) Length Wings
1 x 9.5 inch(25cm) for Body


Start by cutting your wire into the lengths required.

Center the eyes onto the body piece of 9.5 inch (25cm) piece and twist to secure as shown in figure 1 and 2

Next take a 7.5 inch (20cm) piece of wire and wrap it around a skewer to form a spiral as shown in figure 3.

Take this spiral and thread it over the body piece you just made. So that it looks like the body on figure 5
Take one of the 6 inch(15cm) pieces and twist the ends together to form a circle. Do this with the other wing piece so that you have two separate wings as shown in figure 4.
Take the wings and place them over the body and twist them around the body until they are secure you can do this in two ways by either twisting the whole wing around the body in a figure 8 motion or by threading the wing like a needle through one of the spiral loops and pulling it out the other side and opening the wing back up. As long as it is secure any method will do.
Finally take the dragonfly and work the wings till you get a desired shape.

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