Wire Beaded Rings

This jewelry making project shows you how to make a simple wire ring using jewelry wire and beads.

by craftbits (shellie wilson)

What you need

Jewelry pliers, round nose and flat
Wire, 20 gauge is recommended, however smaller wire may be used, see instructions
Permanent marker, or other round object the size of a finger


Cut a length of wire, approximately 12 inches long.

Fold the wire in half

Hold the folded end in pliers, and twist the wire
approximately as long as needed to fit around the
finger. The twisting strengthens the wire, so it will
hold it’s shape when formed in a circle.

(If you have smaller wire, use 4 strands, fold in half,
and proceed as above.)

Wrap the wire around a permanent marker, or other round object and twist the folded end around the wire.

Thread beads of your choice onto the two ends of wire,
cut off any excess wire, and curl the ends to hold the
beads on.

Twist one of the beaded wires around
at the base of the ring. There is no right
or wrong way to do this. Whatever suits
your fancy! ( A figure “8” is good, so you
would make two circles, one wire curled
on one side, the other wire curled on the
other side.

Twist the other end around the base of the
ring. Tighten up the wire end loops if they
have opened during the twisting.


Thread tiny beads on the folded wire (the part that will go around your finger), and then continue with the instructions. Twist the beaded wire only 2 or 3 times. (see photo below).

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