Water Bottle Revamp

Who cares about those old labels? Water from the Tahitian wells or whatever.

by craftbits (shellie wilson)

I want cutesie - somethings got to look good when I am sweating and need to quench my thirst. Hee Hee.

What you need

water bottle
cute tape
tag + ribbon


Step 1) Remove label from water bottle

Step 2) Wrap that cute new tape around the bottle. {same area as the old label}

Step 3) Make a cute tag. Hang it with some raffia, ribbon, string, hemp whatever….something cute like.

Step 4) Hand out at a party, Give as Thank You’s, or just keep them all for yourself. You deserve to drink from something cute.

{It actually did come in handy when playing soccer tues. night…..I could totally tell which one is mine}

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