VooDoo Doll Pen

This Halloween craft project shows you how to make a Voodoo doll pen.

by Craftbits (Shellie Wilson)

This pens says " My Friend The Witch Doctor" and "He Told Me What To Do".

What you need

1 pen
Twig 3 inches long,
Inch wide masking tape
Glue gun
Twine (or Spanish moss, raffia or plastic wrap)
Black fabric strip
Colored fabric strip 15" x 1/2"
Sewing pins with colored tops


Position twig about one inch from top of pen forming a cross.

Wind masking tape around pen and twig several times, securing them together.

Wrap twine around cross sections of pen and twig, continuing to wrap entire twig and pen fully to within 2 inches of tip of pen. Be sure to cover entire arms and head of doll with twine.

Tie twine to doll to secure.

Wrap black fabric around twine, leaving a 3 inch tail of fabric exposed for finishing. Wrap to cover most of the body, keeping the twine exposed on the top, bottom and arms.

Tie end of black fabric to tail from where you began.

Repeat with colored fabric, covering the shoulders and middle of the doll, exposing the black fabric at the ends.

Knot colored fabric to secure. Embellish with eyes made from fabric, beads or buttons.

Be creative and make a mouth and hair if you’d like.

Print labels and attach to doll with twine.

Finish with a colored pin of your choice, casting positive energy, never negative energy.

Black: for repelling negative energy

Blue: for love

White: for positive

Green: for money

Orange: for emotional problems

Pink: for love problems

Yellow: for success

Red: for power

Purple: for spirituality

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