Vinyl LP Record Earring Holder

Convert an old LP record into a cool, vintage earring holder that is functional as well as creative.

by CraftBits (Shellie Wilson)

What you need

Old LP Record
Heat Source
Knitting Needle or Metal Skewer
Plate Stand


Take your LP Record and place some heavy cardboard behind it. This will prevent the metal skewer going through onto your work surface

You will need a heat source, either a lighter, candle, Gas flame or you can heat a knitting needle or metal skewer up on a electric hot plate but be very careful and wear oven gloves to prevent burns.

Take your Hot Needle and poke it through the record to make a whole. You obviously want to make your holes in sets of 2 for each pair of earrings.

For smaller studs you could use a heated darning needle. Place as many holes as you need around the record.

If you want to hang bracelets you can make a hook using a heated nail and pushing it into the record and allowing it to cool. This will give you something to hang necklaces on etc.

When completed allow all the holes to cool completely. Place it onto a plate stand and onto your dressing table.

You could also create a hole for a hanging ribbon at the top so that you can make a hanging loop. This will allow you to carry around the record from bedroom to bathroom or even to hang it up out of the way when not in use.

This project was contributed by Rachell Lee