Vintage Sugar Bowl Beaded Doily

Make a vintage style sugar bowl cover to keep flies out of the bowl.

by craftbits (shellie wilson)

Use beads or earrings to create this nostalgic look.

What you need
Assortment of beads or beaded earrings
Needle and thread

This craft project is a little on the kitsch side of crafts but it’s quick to make and actually very practical, especially if you live in a fly or bug zone.

You can make your own doily or you can embellish a store bought cloth doily.

Glass beads and crystals look elegant and beautiful but you can utilize any arrangement of beads you have available to you.

You can purchase cheap beaded dangle earrings and simply loop the ear hook into the doily and press the loop close.

Start by threading the beads onto a length of strong cotton, fishing line or embroidery thread. Make a length of 5-6 beads and then sew it onto the doily as shown.

Alternate your strands with single beads for a traditional look.

These beaded doily’s can be made in bigger sizes to cover food bowls for picnics or BBQ’s.

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