Vintage Beaded Flower

Learn to make vintage beaded flowers with this basic technique for making these petals.

by Craftbits (Shellie Wilson)

What you need

Standard silver wire gauge 30
Or medium fuse wire
Blue bugle beads
Silver beads
Perforated earring disc
Fine pliers
Contact adhesive


Very small beads are used in this type of bead work. They can be round or bugle shaped. Glittery or transparent beads and pearl beads used together look really nice.

The basic technique for making these petals can be used to make butterfly wings or leaves for larger brooches.

Step 1: Cut a length of wire around 18 inches long for each petal. Then Thread a single bugle bead on to the wire and slide it into the center. Push one end of the wire through two more beads. Push the other end of the wire through the same two beads. This makes the second row of the petal. Work row 3 with 3 beads in the same way and row 4 with 4 beads and row 5 has 5 beads. From this point using one bead less on each row until only one bead is used shapes the petal. Make 6 petals in the same way.

Step 2: To make the flower center cut a length of wire and slip a small bead into the center. Double the wire and pass both ends through a sequin. Push both wire ends through one of the center holes in the perforated earring disc.

Pull the sequin and bead into position. Pass one wire end up through the next hole and push it through a sequin through a small bead and back through the sequin. Push the wire back through one of the perforated holes. Bring the wire up through the next hole and continue to thread sequins and beads until a center rosette of beads and sequins is formed.

Twist wire ends together at the back.

Step 3: Make 6 wire sprays How to make a simple beaded wire Spray.

To assemble the ornament, pass the two wire ends of each petal through two holes on the edge of the perforated earring disc and twist together at the back. Fix all 6 petals round the disc in the same way. Twist the ends of the sprays into one strand and push through holes in the disc so that the sprays lie behind the petals.

Pinch the petals gently with your finger and thumb to shape them realistically. Glue the disc to a hair slide or brooch back to make a wonderful fashion piece.

Perforated Earrings Discs seem to be impossible to find. I suggest making your own. Use Heavy Plastic with holes punched into it or heavy cardstock. The holes are simply there to push the wire lengths through as shown in figure 2.

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