Valentine’s Day No Sew Heart Pillow

This Valentine's Day project is so simple to make and perfect for adding a little touch of romance to this special day.

by CraftBits (Shellie Wilson)

What you need

1 yard of fleece fabric
toy filling or wadding


This no sewing required pillow is great for all crafters especially those who have trouble with picking up the needles. This tutorial uses a white fleece (no fray) fabric but you could use any color or pattern if you desired.

Start by laying out your fabric flat and cutting a heart shape.


I drew mine freehand with a pencil onto the fabric first and then cut it out.


You need to allow 1 1/2 inch for the tags which are used to tie the two layers together.


Using the scissors cut tags into the edge. If your fabric is sliding around too much then go ahead and pin it together to make it easier.


Now you need to sew/knot the edges together: take each set of strands and tie them in a double knot. Work your way around the pillow leaving a gape for filling as shown.



Gently stuff the filling into the heart making it as soft and fluffy as you like.


Finish off by closing the gap by knotting the remaining strands.


That’s it! You are finished. Embellish with drawings, badges or felt stick ons.

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