Upcycyled Golden Book Journal

This recycled project shows you how to upcycle and revamp on old vintage golden children's book into a fun journal.

by Craftbits (shellie wilson)

Use childhood favorites for a real personal feel to your journal.

What you need

Childrens Golden Book


Start by removing the front cover back off the story pages. Be careful as old books tend to be very brittle.

Cut your new pages out and place them into the front of the book. (We are keeping the original story pages at the back). Simply measure your blank sheets to fit and slip them into the front.

You will glue them into the binding using craft glue.

If you want to add lots of pages remove all the staples from the book and re-bind the book using a needle and thread or large book stapler. Then reform the book from front to back including the cover.

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