TShirt Pillow

Or perhaps its a t-shirt of a loved one who is away or departed.

by craftbits (shellie wilson)

For this project you can use old t-shirts that are in good condition that you may have outgrown or accidentally shrunk in the wash.

What you need

Old T-shirt
Needle and thread or craft glue


If you are making this project in a large group you can obtain the t-shirts from your local thrift shop.

Start by laying out the shirt flat on a table. You can either sew the edges or glue them the choice is yours. Stitching will be more durable but for kids or a quick craft you can just glue the seams.

Glue or stitch the bottom of the shirt and the arm holes closed. Leave the neck area open for the filling.

A soft fiber fill stuffing will work well, but you can use other items such as beans, foam chunks or old rags.

Gently fill the shirt until it is nice and plump looking, then either glue or sew the neck hole closed with small stitches.

For a fun effect add some badges to the t-shirt pillow.

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