Tree Ornament Made With Tooth Picks

This quick Christmas craft project is so easy to make but looks so effective.

by Craftbits (Shellie Wilson)

And all it uses is tooth picks and a polystyrene ball!

What you need

Packet of tooth picks around 50
Polystyrene Ball (any size will do)


Take your polystyrene ball.

Take a tooth pick and press it into the ball until it feels firm.

Then take another toothpick, keep doing this till the whole ball is covered.

Then you can spray Christmas Craft Snow onto the ball or give it a very quick spray with gold paint (spray paint melts the polystyrene so try and catch the pics only).

While the paint is still wet, cover with gold glitter as we have done.

You could also use colored tooth pics if you can get them or how about using toothpicks with flags on the ends.

Glue on a ribbon to hang it up onto your Christmas tree and you’re done.

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