Tree Ornament – Cute Felt Angel

Make this cute Christmas felt tree ornament angel with the kids.

This can be a great weekend project and also perfect for Christmas decorations or gift tags.

by craftbits (shellie wilson)

What you need

For this project you'll need:

Needle and thread
Fabric paint
Hot glue
Small bell charm


Use bright colored felt for this project. You can create your own pattern for the angel or simply follow the one I did. Cut out the pieces for the angel as shown in this picture.

Use fabric paint to draw the face of the angel. You can also stitch out the face but it’s easier to draw, especially for the kids. Attach the hair and the other parts one by one. Use fabric glue to attach the parts together.

It would be great if you can collect a small bell charm. I had to make one using jewelry findings, it was fun to make though! Glue the bell between the hand of the angel.

You can add more details to it if you want to. Use different colored felt, different patterns and accessories for more variation.


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