Tie Dye Pillow Case

Learn how to stitch an envelope style pillow case and use Tumble Dye to give it a fun tie-dye look!

by CraftBits (Shellie Wilson)

What you need

Muslin fabric, sewing machine, tumble dye in various colors, dryer, pillow


Optional – If you already have a pillow case or pillow you want to tie-dye, you can skip the first 5 steps.

To make an envelope style pillow case-

1.Cut a rectangle of muslin fabric that is 45″x20″.

2.Iron a hem on the 2 20″ edges, and run a stitch along the edge.

 " \"IMG_5043\""

 " \"IMG_5044\""

3.With the right side of the pillow up, fold one side of your fabric in about 10″, fold the opposite side in about 10.5″ so that the ends are overlapping a little. Pin.

 " \"IMG_5046\""

 " \"IMG_5048\""

4.Stitch down the 2 open sides.

 " \"IMG_5049\""

5.Flip right side out and iron.

 " \"IMG_5050\""

To tie dye your pillow case-

1.Choose your colors. I wanted an ombre look, so I chose 3 different shades of aqua/blue.

 " \"IMG_5051\""

2.Pinch the very center of your pillowcase and twist it.

 " \"IMG_5052\""

3.Spray on your dye. If you want your colors blend in a bit more, try spraying on just a little bit of water. Let it dry completely. Once dry, place in dryer for approximately 20 minutes, as the instructions on the bottle says.

 " \"IMG_5064\""

 " \"IMG_5065\""

4.Place a pillow inside the pillow case and you’re done!

 " \"IMG_5068\""

All done!

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