Tie Dye Effects

Tie dying it a great way to revamp old linen and funk up t-shirts and clothing. Here are 8 effects with pictures that you can use.

by CraftBits (Shellie Wilson)

What you need

This article gives you details on how to tie your fabric for tie dying effects.


Figure 1 :

Sewing: This technique can be used for many effects. Fold fabric in half and draw diamonds (or other shapes) with a pencil or chalk and stitch around the shapes and then pull the threads up as tight as possible before fastening off.

Figure 2:

Clump tying: Tie a stone or large butter beans into the fabric for circles. Alternatively for larger or smaller effects try coins, chick peas, rice or even shells. Use elastic bands or thread to secure.

Figure 3:

Circle Knotting: Mark random points on the fabric with your pencil or chalk/ Pick up these marked points and tie a knot in the fabric at that point.

Figure 4:

Marbling: Crumple the fabric in the hand and bind into a tight hard ball. For each color, crumple the fabric in different places for a random effect. For a large garment, bunch along length section by section for a long firm roll.

Figure 5:

Pleating: Gather the fabric in regular folds like an accordion and bind tightly at regular intervals.

Figure 6:

Clump Ripples: Tie in a stone and criss cross with the thread. Bind along the loose fabric at intervals for a rippling circular effect.

Figure 7:

Knotting: Tie a length of fabric with equally spaced knots along it.

Figure 8:

Twisting and coiling: Twist the fabric tightly so that it coils back on itself. Bind at ends and at intervals along the skein.

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