Tampon Box Makeup Organizer

Finally something to do with those wonderfully handy flip top tampon boxes.

by craftbits (shellie wilson)

What you need

Empty Tampon boxes
Craft Glue or hot glue
a cookie sheet


Take a cookied tray and your tampon boxes and make this nifty organizer for your beads, paper clips, stamps,buttons and much much more.

Take your tampon box and if you are going to label it do so whilst it is not glued onto the board.

You could print your own labels for this or just hand print the label then glue it or sticky tape it on.

Next using a strong craft glue or a hot glue gun adhere each of the boxes onto one side of the tray.

Use as many or as little boxes as you need to organize your stuff.

I added magnets to the back of my makeup boxes and tubes to stick to the magnetic tray.

I think drilled this tray onto my bathroom cupboard.

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