Styrofoam Christmas Lights

Restyle Styrofoam Easter eggs into a beautiful Christmas decoration that you can place in a vase for a display.

Use as ornaments or attach to a ribbon as a banner.

by craftbits (shellie wilson)

What you need

Styrofoam Eggs, Spray Adhesive, Glitter in multiple colors, Spray Sealer, Felt, Silver Ribbon, Hot Glue, Wooden Tooth Pick or Kabob


1.Insert toothpick or kabob into the bottom of a stryofoam egg. This will make them easier to hold as you glitter them.

2.Spray your egg with spray adhesive, turning it as you spray so that it gets fully covered. (This step is best done outside, or you might get spray adhesive on something and some brands of adhesive have fumes.)

3.Using a fine glitter, sprinkle it onto your egg, covering the egg completely in glitter. A finer glitter works better than the larger glitter flakes in my experience.

4.Spray the glittered egg with a spray sealer. This will seal the glitter onto the egg so that it doesn’t come off at the touch.

5.Cut a 1″x4″ piece of felt, the color doesn’t matter because it will be covered up. Roll up your felt strip and secure the end down with glue.

6.Glue onto the bottom of your egg/light.

7.Cut out small strips of silver ribbon and adhere to the bottom end of your felt piece.

8.Glue on end of a piece of silver ribbon to the top of your felt, and wrap around it gluing it down as you go. Cover the entire felt piece in silver ribbon to make the back end of your Christmas light.

Continue with other colors of glitter.

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