Sticky Butter Cleansing Balm

This thick and lush cream will have your face covered in pure moisturising heaven.

by craftbits (shellie wilson)

What you need

20g cocoa butter
4 tbs Almond oil
2 tbs Honey
1 tsp Dried calendula flowers
1 tsp Dried juniper berries
1 tsp Dried ground orange zest
1 tsp Dried mint leaves
8 tbs Oatmeal
20 drops of Grapefruit oil


Slowly melt the cocoa butter in a double boiler stirring gently. Add the oils and dried herbs and mix well. Take it off the heat and add the oatmeal to form a thick rich creamy paste.

Apply it to the face and remove with a warm damp cloth. Rinse well to insure its all removed.

This recipe will last up to 1 month in the fridge. This recipe yields enough mix for a thick facial.

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