Solomon’s Knot Scarf

Using a Solomon's knot, this is a very creative scarf that you can crochet at home.

by craftbits (shellie wilson)

What you need

5 1/4 oz of a medium weight mohair type yarn. Textured or smooth yarns can also be used.
Size "g" crochet hook



Place a slip knot on your hook amd ch1, then begin Solomon’s Knot as follows:

ROW 1: *Draw the loop on the hook up to a height of 1 inch, yo and draw a loop through the extended loop on the hook, insert hook from front to back in the back strand of the loop just made ( see picture #1), yo and draw a loop through, there are now two loops on the hook (see picture #2), yo and draw a loop through the two loops on the hook

— Solomon’s Knot made—, Rep from * until 20 knots have been made in all. Turn.

ROW 2: Skip the knot on the hook and the next three knots, insert the hook in the center of the next knot and work 1 sc, *make 2 knots, skip one knot along the first row, insert hook into the center of the next knot on hte first row, rep from * to end working last sc in the first ch loop at beginning of the first row. Turn

ROW 3: Make three knots, 1sc in the center of the first unjoined knot of the last row, *make 2 knots, 1sc in center of next unjoined knot, repeat from * to end of row.

The third row forms the pattern and is repeated throughout the piece. Continue working in pattern until scarf measures 96″ from the beginning. Fasten off and darn in loose ends.


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