Soda Can Lantern

A fun project to make a lantern using a soda can.

by Craftbits (shellie wilson)

What you need

Soda Can


Exacto knife



First what you do is, you fill the can (not all the way though) with water and freeze it.

Then you cut the sides of the can with an exacto knife or box cutter.

To hang it, you have to leave the pop tab on and use that to attach some picture wire.

To be able to put a tea light in there, you have to hollow out a little niche for it because the bottom of the soda can is convex on the inside.

I just stuck a screwdriver through the top of the can and banged it out. it doesn’t look too pretty but once the candle is in there, you don’t see it anyway so it doesn’t matter.

This project was contributed by Carla.

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