Sleepy Time Eye Mask

These are the instructions for a free eye mask pattern. It is made using fabric and some elastic.

What you need:
Sewing machine;

By CraftBits (Shellie Wilson)


Start by printing the Eye Mask Pattern first.

1.Pick fabric and place with piece that touches your face (pink flannel) the good side up, pretty fabric (pink print) good side facing the flannel (basically right sides facing eachother) and your darkening stuff. I used corduroy cause I had it. Check it against a lamp and see if your fabric works for darkening.

Eye Mask Tutorial Step 1

2.Place on top of all three fabrics and cut them all out at the same time. Makes it faster! Your pieces should look like this and keep them in that order.

Eye Mask Tutorial Step 2

3.Cut a piece of elastic measuring about 17 inches (adjust to the size of your head). and cut out a piece of fabric that will be the covering for the elastic 2 inches wide by 21 inches long. If you don’t want a covered elastic ignore the fabric part on this step.

Eye Mask Tutorial Step 3

4.Fold the fabric for the elastic cover in half lengthwise and sew it 1/4 inch from the edge. Turn right side out and then iron it so that the seam is in the middle of one side. Feed the elastic into the tube of fabric. Make sure you pin the elastic at each end so that it doesn’t get lost inside.

Eye Mask Tutorial Step 4

5.Take your mask sandwich and gently pin the tube with elastic in place.

6.Pin around so that the pieces will stay together.

7.Go to the sewing machine and sew around the mask about 4/8ths (the line between 3/8 and 5/8) this doesn’t have to be so precise just even. Make sure to leave a space open at the top so that you can turn the whole thing right side out later on. Check that you sewed it even and if not just rip some out or sew a bit closer to make the curves even.

Eye Mask Tutorial Step 7

8.Trim so that you have about 1/4 inch left all around. and clip the curves so that they turn better.

Eye Mask Tutorial Step 8

9.Turn right side out and shape. Iron your mask so that its all pretty and flat. Turn the edges in on the top press them so they stay in and hand sew closed with a hidden stitch. (I cheated and haven’t sewn mine yet. hence no pictures of me actually hand sewing)

Eye Mask Tutorial Step 9

10.Sit back and enjoy your pretty sleep mask.

11.Go have a nap with all the lights on to try it out.

This project was contributed by Sarah. For more of Sarahs creations visit her website Silly Button

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