Sharpie Pen Project – Coffee Cup Love

Sharpies have gone beyond the page and now you can use them to hand draw on ceramics.

Make adorable mugs for Mother's and Father's Day. Write a romantic gesture for your loved one on Valentine's Day.

by craftbits (shellie wilson)

What you need

Ceramic mug
Permanent Sharpie Pen


Start by selecting a ceramic mug. Wash it and dry it. Next step is to think of some quirky saying or romantic notion to write onto the mug.

We went with “You are the cream in my coffee, together we make something wonderful”

Rather Soppy I know.

When you’re finished, just pop the mugs or plates into the oven (while the oven is still cold) and bring it up to 350°F (~175°C) for half-hour to set the design. Allow to cool. Do not be tempted to touch it.

Only Hand-wash to insure the longevity of your design.

We did another mug with a drawing by my daughter with a fun little saying “Coffee and Flowers – What every girl needs”

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