Seed Bead Pineapple

A vintage bead style - these pineapple beads can make a comeback anytime! Here are the step by step directions on how to make it.

by craftbits (Shellie Wilson)

What you need

Beading needle
Thread/powerpro fishing line (can use normal thread)
Two colors of seedbeads


Step One: This is your basic brick stitch thread on two beads go back down through first bead threaded and up through second bead, thread on one more bead and go down through second bead and up through third, continue on till you have size you want but must be dividable by two.

Step Two: Adding next row is done by threading on one bead and bringing needle up through the thread between the two beads on the bottom then up through bead you have just added; continue on adding beads and threading it between threads of beads on bottom row.

Step Three: Repeat step two until you have to two beads on the top and if making earrings add your 4beads for earring loop so that you can attach your finding like kidney wire or fish hook. Now thread needle back down through your work till you reach the bottom row. This is easily done if you do it right down the side of your work.

Step Four: Adding the pineapple part of your work, with thread coming out bottom of your work thread on three beads, take needle and thread up next bead in bottom row and back out bottom of third bead on bottom row, continue this way all the way across to the other side and once you have gone up through last bead in row bring needle and thread back down two beads of the three you have just added.

Step Five: Thread on 5 beads and go through 2nd bead of the three bead group fro last row. Thread on 5 beads again and go through 2nd bead of three bead group then at the end bring needle and thread back down three of the 5 beads you have just added.

Step Six: Adding 7 beads now take needle and thread through the 3rd bead of the 5 bead group you have added in step 5. If finished bring end thread back up through work and your finished. If you started with more then 6 beads in you bottom row continue to add two beads every round until you end with one loop at the bottom. So that you start with 3 then 5 then 7 then 11 the 15 is nice last loop.

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