Scrapbooking Tins

Scrapbooking has headed off in a variety of assorted craft directions and one fun direction is scrapbooking.

by craftbits (shellie wilson)

To use a keepsake containers or just fun and creative album holders.

What you need

Recycled Tins
Scrapbooking Supplies


These scrapbooking tins can be bought from scrapbooking supply stores, craft stores or how about recycling your own tins. You can use coffee tins, baby formula tins you can even buy new paint tins are hardware stores.

The image above is a tin used as a gift bag and was filled with pampering things for my brother for Christmas.

The smaller tin is a recycled coffee tin that is filled with memorabilia from my miscarriage including the positive pregnancy test, photo’s of me pregnant, first baby booties and more.

You could make small tins filled with birth announcement info and a small photo or brag book placed inside.

The opportunities for tins if only limited by your imagination.

To start measure your tin and cut your paper to size. You can print directly on to the paper or just decorate it as you would a normal scrapbooking layout.

You can embellish your tins with dimensional ribbons, stickers and even beads and wire.

Use craft glue for heavy items and your normal paper scrapbooking glue for your other items.​

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