Scrabble Bracelet

Scrabble Bracelet

by craftbits (shellie wilson)

What you need

Old Scrabble game pieces
Small vice, or heavy safety gloves and courage. (That's a joke, this project's easy don't worry)
Drill with a small bit
Painters Tape
Dividing beads if wished


1) Find game pieces that spell out whatever you want. Mine’s my name.

2) Wrap the sides of the piece in tape. Not the sides you will drill through. This gives it protection from the jaws of the vice.

3) Put the piece into the vice and secure. After marking where you want the hole, take your drill and carefully drill a hole through each piece trying to make it as straight as possible.

4) After you are finished, remove the tape and if you wish sand around the holes for a smooth finish.

5) Thread them onto elastic with your spacer bead, then go out and show off! You’ve now made an awesome bracelet!

This project was contributed by Morgan Bozonelos

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