Santa’s Mobile Phone Cozy

This modified sock makes a perfect pouch for your iPod or Mobile Phone and will add a festive touch to your phone.

by Craftbits (Shellie Wilson)

What you need

Printed Child's Socks Sewing Machine or optional glue Needle and Thread.


The sock works great as its stretchy, quick to make and prevents scratches whilst being utterly unique!

I used a child’s sock sized 3-4 which was the most suitable for my phone size.

Measure your phone up against the sock and cut off the excess at the bottom.

Turn your sock inside out and either machine sew or hand sew it closed.

You can add some strapping by hand sewing it onto the inside edges. But it is totally optional.

Can’t Sew? Then the only alternative is Glue. Use a strong craft glue to hold it in place.

Check out the spiderman cozy which is made in the same way.

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