Safety Pin Bracelet

Use the extra safety pins lying around you house to make this one of a kind safety pin bracelet. It is very easy!

by CraftBits (Shellie Wilson)

What you need

Safety Pins (enough to fit around your wrist)
Beads ( as much as you want)
Super Glue
Elastic cord (.7 mm or above recommended)


  1. Open one of the safety pins, and thread beads onto the open prong, leaving enough space to refasten the pin. Repeat the process until all of the safety pins have been beaded.
  2. Glue the pin so that it wouldn’t open when you’re wearing it.
  3. Next, cut two 12” pieces of elastic cord.
  4. Thread one of the cords through the hole in the top of a safety pin, then through a spacer bead, and then through the hole in the bottom of another safety pin. Continue to thread in this manner until your bracelet is long enough to go around your wrist.
  5. Then, take the second cord and thread it through the bottom of the bracelet, adding a spacer bead between each safety pin.
  6. Finally, tie the ends of the bracelet together, and it’s ready to wear!

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Kelsey DIY
Kelsey DIY

I like this beautiful diy project.