Rose Petal Notebook

Make a lovely Valentine's Day gift - a notebook covered with dried rose petals.

by Craftbits (Shellie Wilson)

What you need

Plain digest sized notebook

Dried Rose petals; enough to cover notebook cover

Bottle of White Craft Glue or modge podge

Paint brush


Squeeze a dab of white glue onto the notebook cover. Spread with a paintbrush, big enough to put one petal on. Place one petal on glue, and press down, making sure to push bubbles out. Dab whit glue onto petal. Brush to cover.

Dab and Brush white glue close to the petal. Place another petal, overlapping the first. Dab and brush white glue to cover second petal.

Repeat over entire notebook, leaving petals hanging over edges. Allow to dry completely. Snip petals at the edges.

For a durable finish varnish the book with a clear water based varnish.

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