Ring – Ring Pop And Button

Rings from Ring Pops Candy Shape!

by Craftbits (shellie wilson)

What you need

Ring Pop shape
Large buttons
Medium Buttons
Small Buttons
Jewerly glue or Elmer's craft glue or both


My granddaughter loves Ring Pops so I told her to keep the ring shape for me and I would make a ring for her.

First wash the ring shape in hot soapy water to remove any candy or dirt that might be on the ring shape.

Take a big button and glue a medium size button to the inside of the big button then glue a smaller button to the top of the medium size button. Let dry over night.

Then glue the big button to the ring shape and let dry overnight.

Now you have a ring.

I used jewelry and Elmer’s craft glue.

I get my buttons from Wal-Mart, Oriental Trading friends and yard sales. Easter is coming around soon and I thought these rings would be cute in Easter eggs for baskets or Easter egg hunts.

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