Ribbon Weave Ornament

You can recycle those old satin ball ornaments that have Styrofoam centers...

by craftbits (shellie wilson)

...Just remove the strings to make a ribbon weave ornament for Christmas!

What you need
Styrofoam Ball
3/4 inch wide ribbon
Sequin Pins
Large Beads

Cut strips of ribbon into approx. One inch long pieces. You can use one color or mix it up, it’s up to you. Begin at what will be the center of your ornament.

It helps to draw a line around the ball so your rows will be straight. Fold one piece of the ribbon in half and pin it to the Styrofoam ball.

Work your way around the ball placing the next piece of folded ribbon over the first piece, covering the pin and leaving the folds showing.

Work your way up and then below your center row till the ball is completely covered.

Add a ribbon hanger to the top with a longer piece of ribbon.

You can add a bow to the top or you can make ribbon tails and string beads for a little added sparkle.

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