Resin Bottle Cap Bracelet

This altered art resin project shows you how to make a bottle cap bracelet.

by Craftbits (shellie wilson)

What you need

Bottle Cap
Resin making supplies
Pendant or Charm for embedding

Altered Art Photo Bangle


To begin take your clean bottle cap and find a suitable charm, or pendant to embed into the cap. It will need to fit flat into the cap.

Place your bottle cap onto a flat surface and place your charm into the cap. Pour your resin into the cap and fill it right to the top, as this will prevent the top of the bottle cap being sharp and catching your clothes.

You almost want to overfill the cap to make sure the top is level.

Once your resin is dry, you can lightly sand it to smooth down any edges.

Secure to your bracelet/bangle by using a strong craft glue or a silicon jewelry making adhesive.

For complete instructions on casting with resin read these Basic resin casting techniques

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