Recycled Plastic Rings Snowflake

For a 10-point snowflake that looks very pretty! Made from 6-pak ring holders from soda.

by Craftbits (shellie wilson)

What you need

Recycled 6 soda can pack plastic rings


Take 2 holders, and put them back to back. (do not nestle them)

Staple together at points B & I.

Staple points D & E together on each holder.

Staple points F & G together on each holder.

Repeat steps 1-4, nine more times, you now have all the pieces you need for 1 snowflake.

Now, staple tab C to tab A of another holder, and continue until all ten pieces are in one line.

Flip over and staple the other side, same way.

Staple K to L of the piece next to it, go all the way around. Flip over and repeat.

To make it sturdier staple tabs A & C together, as close to the center as possible, flip over and repeat.

Now, you have the snowflake finished, the painting and glittering are up to you.

This project was contributed by Shaddy.

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