Recycled Jeans Valentine Pouch

This Valentine's day project is a great little recycled jeans craft.

by craftbits (shellie wilson)

This tutorial is quick and easy to make. Suitable for classroom activities.

What you need

Denim pockets
Side seam (cut from the leg of a pair of jeans) OR
Denim waistband
Iron-on patches (optional)
Alphabet beads for personalization (optional)


Cut back pockets from a pair of outgrown or unwanted jeans. Make sure you cut out both sides of the pocket (the outside and inside) or it will no longer be a pouch.

If you just want to pick off the outer part of the pocket you can use felt or fabric to create the backside of the pouch.

Cut the raised outer seam from the leg of the jeans OR cut off the waistband to form the handle.

Sew the side seam or waistband to the pocket to form the handle/hanger.

Personalize by ironing on patches or stringing your name with alphabet beads.

Each family member can hang these personal valentine pockets from their doorknob for a fun family valentine exchange.

Project tip: Need more pockets? Shop thrift stores to build up your pocket supply.

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