Recycled Fabric Hair Bow

This craft project shows you how to make a cute little hair bow using fabric off cuts or recycled clothing.

by craftbits (shellie wilson)

What you need

fabric scissors
hair barrette
(optional) fabric glue+items for decoration


Cut a long strip (at least 3 1/2″ long) of your recycled fabric.

The width is up to you, it depends on how big you want your bow.

Tie it in a fairly loose knot.

Cut off excess fabric, how much you leave also depends on how big your bow will be.

Pull the edges of each side out (away from each other) for a bow-like shape (if its big enough).

Use the flat side of the knot and slip it on a barrette.

I make a lot of these and switch them out on one barrette depending on the color of the outfit.

Be creative with it! You could even use buttons or sequins to decorate!

This only takes me about 5 minutes. Let me know how you did!

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