Recycled Chalkboard

This little chalk board is a great project to use up some recycled cardboard.

by Craftbits (Shellie Wilson)

It is fun to use large appliance boxes for fun dimensional chalk boards for the kids play room.

What you need

Piece of Strong Box Cardboard (any Suitable Size)
Acrylic Paints
Length of Cotton Cord or Rope
Dark acrylic paint or chalkboard paint


Start by cutting your cardboard into a suitable size for a chalk board.

Using some scissors carefully pierce two holes in the top to tie the rope through later. Make sure the holes are evenly placed or it will unbalance your project.

Use flat basic acrylic paint to paint the cardboard. Dark colors work best as it shows up the white chalk the best.

Once that layer has dried using some contrasting colors, hand paint a decorative border around the edge. We have used a green paint and we have painted a Mexican art border design along the edge of the chalkboard using triangles.

Once it is completely dry thread your length of cord through the holes at the top and tie a knot at the ends to stop it coming through the hole.

Now just hang it up and start chalking.

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