Recycled Chair Leg – Easter Bunny

Who says recycling can't be fun?

by Craftbits (shellie wilson)

Save that broken chair from the landfill by re-purposing its parts into an adorable bunny for your Easter decor. This bunny was made using a chair leg, but when you run out of legs, the leg braces and the seat back spindles could also be used.

What you need

Chair leg
White acrylic paint
Spring green acrylic paint
Pink acrylic paint
Wooden skewer
White paint pen
Stencil brush
Stiff string or cord
1/2-inch white pom poms-two
1/4-inch pink pom poms-one
Hot glue gun
Black acrylic paint
White chenille bedspread-scrap
White yarn
Green fabric-scrap


Step 1

Paint your chair leg using white acrylic paint. Repeat with as many coats as necessary for complete coverage.

Step 2

Paint the bottom half of the leg using a spring green color. Repeat with as many coats as necessary. This is the bunny’s pants.

Step 3

The top section of the leg is still white. Paint the bottom half of the white section using pink acrylic paint. Repeat with as many coats as necessary. This is the bunny’s shirt. The remaining white is the bunny’s head.

Step 4

Using a white paint pen, draw wavy, vertical stripes, spaced approximately 1/2 inch apart, around the pants. Draw a wavy line around the waist.

Step 5

Dip the blunt end of a wooden skewer in the white acrylic paint and randomly apply dots over the surface of the bunny’s shirt. Allow the paint to dry.

Step 6

Most chairs legs will have holes in the sides to accommodate braces that hold the legs securely in place. Turn your chair leg with the holes toward the back. Dip a stencil brush into the pink paint. Lightly dab two 1-inch cheeks centered on the front of the head. Allow the paint to dry.

Step 7

Cut two 4-inch lengths of stiff string or cord. Hold the pieces together and tie a knot in the center. These are the whiskers. Apply hot glue to the center of the face. Place the knot of the whiskers in the glue. Apply hot glue over the knot. Place two 1/2-inch white pom poms beside each other in the glue and one 1/4-inch pink pom pom above them. Dip the blunt end of a wooden skewer in black acrylic paint and dot two eyes above the pink nose. While the paint is still wet, use the pointed end of the skewer to drag the paint upward to form teardrop-shaped eyes. Dip the skewer point in more black paint and draw two short eyebrows above the eyes. Allow the paint to dry. Dip the point of the skewer in white paint and dot a highlight in each eye.

Step 8

Cut a 2-inch-wide by 8-inch long rectangle from a white chenille bedspread. Round the corners. Apply hot glue to the top of the chair leg. Finger pinch the center of the rectangle and set it in the glue with the ends (ears) draping down on each side of the face.

Step 9

Wrap white yarn five times around three fingers. Slip the wrapped yarn off of your fingers. Pinch the center together. Wrap a small piece of yarn around the center and tie into a knot. Apply a dot of hot glue to the center-top of the ears. Place the yarn tassel in the glue.

Step 10

Rip a 1/2-inch-wide by 12-inch-long strip of green fabric. Tie the strip into a bow and trim the ends. Apply a dot of hot glue at the center-top of the shirt. Place the bow in the glue.

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