Recycled Button Bracelet Cuff

This project shows you how to recycle old buttons into a beautiful and uniquie button cuff.

by craftbits (shellie wilson)

What you need

Felt (any color)
Thread (corresponding to felt color)
Sewing needle
Your button selection
Shell buttons (any shape for filler)
Solid color basic sewing buttons (any shape for filler)
Snap closures
X-acto knife
Ruler or triangle


First, you decide the theme for your bracelet. I usually select the buttons I definitely want to use first, these are what stand out on the bracelet.

Second, select your filler buttons. Buttons can get expensive, especially if you buy most from craft shops, so buy basic filler buttons. I buy a little sack of shell buttons for about $3, (it will last for a few projects) and basic plastic solid colored buttons (I’ll either buy these or save up the extra ones that come with clothing).

Third, cut your felt out for the bracelet. I usually like it 2 1/2 high, and then measure it to you wrist for the length, then cut using an e-xacto knife and a ruler for a straight edge.

Forth, Sew on your closures on the ends. I use the snap closures because they are easy to sew on and to hide under the buttons so you doesn’t see anything.

Fifth, start sewing the buttons! ^_^ I don’t follow a pattern I just fill (I dislike negative space) Obviously, use your thread and needle to so on the buttons. I usually use the rule of three when doing this project. Thread through 3 times and knot 3 times.

Keep sewing on the buttons until you get your desired finish. I like to keep the underside raw (is makes an interesting pattern, sort of like random dots).

This project can take a few hours or more depending on the amount of buttons you use. One will usually take me about 4 hours (again me=have negative space). Have fun with it!

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