Quit Smoking Idea: Inspirational Quote Jar

This tutorial shows you how to make a jar of inspirational quotes for someone who is trying to quit smoking.

by Craftbits (shellie wilson)

We created ours to look like cigarettes so that the reader could open a quote instead of a smoke.

What you need

small elastic bands we used clear loom bands
Brown marker pen
inspirational quotes
large jar


Start by taking the paper and cutting it into cigarette widths. We used A4 paper and cut it in half length ways and then each strip into 3 to get 6 rolls per page.

We wrote our quotes onto the pieces of paper, Our jar was for Grandma so the kids did some drawings for her and some jokes etc.

Roll each one up and close with the band.

I found it easier to roll the paper over a thin pencil to get a nice rounded shape.

Finish it off by coloring the tip brown, or white depending on a familiar brand to the smoker.

We used a large coffee jar to stash ours in.

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