Quick Christmas Crafts

Got no time these Holidays? This list of quick Christmas crafts has been created by popular demand for all those crafters who don't have the time to scan through all our projects. These Christmas craft projects won't take you all day!

by craftbits (Shellie Wilson)

What you need

See the list of projects below.


This is just a small collection of our Christmas crafts. For more of our Christmas craft projects visit our Christmas Crafts Area

Jar of Nothing – This project is so simple. Once you have printed out the poem all you have to do is stick it onto a recycled jar.

Across The Miles Tea Poem – This poem is perfect for overseas friends and loved ones.

Christmas Soaps – With some plain soaps and some stickers you can create the perfect quick Christmas craft.

Paper Garlands – These paper garlands are as simple as cutting out shapes, but look very effective.

Cinnamon Star – All you need for this project is some cinnamon sticks, glue and twine to make a creative, lovely smelling ornament.

Recipes in a Jar – 100’s of recipes to choose to from to make quick stocking filler gifts

Cone Angel – Some cardboard, spray paint and beads is all you need to make these simple angels.

Ski Man – Great kids craft with natural pine cones and Popsicle sticks.

Ribbon Bags – Turn your ribbon into decorative Christmas tree hangers or stocking fillers.

Christmas boxes – Decorate small boxes for little gifts, or hang them on the tree as an ornament.

Choir Girl – Use your imagination to make this quick angel ornament.

Cinnamon Pot mat – This involves a little sewing but it’s a great gift for friends and family or make them up for your own holiday dinner table.

Cookie Garland – This Christmas craft cookie garland is great for the kids to make and bake.

Pom Pom Wreath – With a few pom poms and some glue you can easily create these fun little tree ornaments for your Christmas tree.

Plum Pudding – Some paints and some beads is all you will need to make these cute little Christmas plum puddings.

Napkin Rings – These Christmas napkin rings are so simple to make that they are perfect for mass production. Do you have a big family or a dinner party to craft for? Then this is the project for you.

You can also see all our Christmas Craft Projects. If you have a quick project you think should make the list please send it to us or submit it to us.

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