Pringle Tin Top Hat Fascinator

This recycled craft project shows you how to turn a simple Pringles tin into a beautiful handmade.

DIY top hat hair fascinator suitable for all type of social events and parties.

by craftbits (shellie wilson)

What you need

Pringle tin
Spray paint
Craft Glue
Card Stock
coordinating Ribbon, feathers and flower.


Start by taking your Pringles tin and cutting it down to a suitable size (around 5 inch). You can make your top hat, high or low depending on your style.

Spray paint the tin and card stock. Alternatively you can cover both the tin and base with printed fabric, felt or patterned paper.

Cut the card stock into a circle for the brim of the top hat, again this could be a small brim or a large brim. The card stock should be flexible otherwise it will not bend to sit flat on your head.

Glue the pringle tin to the card brim. Add a ribbon for embellishment around the top hat base.

Bend the hat onto your head by pressing firmly, this will bend the base/brim ready for wearing.

Finish off your hat with feathers and flowers. We used a inexpensive flower and topped it with black craft feathers.

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