Polymer clay teapot

This project shows you how to hand sculpt a tea pot out of polymer clay.

by Craftbits (shellie wilson)

What you need

White, green, and red Premo polymer clay.
Clear glass globe ornament
clay blade
pasta machine
oven thermometer
surface for working with clay ie cutting board,plexi glass
other various clay tools
ribbon to hang ornament
round cookie cutters
Liquid Sculpey


Condition clay in pasta machine until soft but do not overwork the clay.

Take the white clay and cut out two circles and place one on top of ornament and one on bottom. Smooth down carefully.

Next make a long snake of white clay and cut to size to make spout and handle. Place both snakes on ornament to desired shape of handle and spout. Use liquid sculpey as a glue to help adhere it to the glass.

Use extra of white snake and roll to a skinnier snake. Take some red clay and roll a skinny snake and then place the white skinny snake and red skinny snake and carefully twist and roll together to form spiral.

Place new striped snake around the bottom edge of white disk of clay on both top and bottom of ornament. Press gently and carefully but don’t flatten. Roll three balls of white clay to desired size of legs and attach to bottom of the ornament and flatten the bottom of ball to make it stand flat.

Take extra of stripey red/white clay snake and form tiny circles by rolling one end around on itself to form little peppermint candy shapes.

Again, use Liquid Sculpey and attach candy shapes to middle section going around ornament.

Place in oven on tray with cotton batting to bake per manufacturers instructions. Be sure to not use any tools, equipment for food after using with polymer clay.

Once cooled add a ribbon and hang your new ornament on your tree and smile.🙂

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