Polymer Clay Bottle Of Hope

This project sheet shows you how to make a "Bottle Of Hope" out of polymer clay or fimo.

by Craftbits (Shellie Wilson)

Bottles Of hope are from a well known program that provides these bottles to cancer patients free of charge.

What you need

1 block of Polymer clay/ Fimo
Rolling pin
Small glass bottle
Scissors or knife
Access to an oven


Below you will find a basic polymer clay how to lesson. You are only limited by your imagination.

You can use any size bottle, any colors and decorate it using anything that can be baked such as glass beads.

Start by working your clay in your hand until it becomes soft and pliable. Once it is soft roll it out flat using a rolling pin, if you have a pasta machine you can also run it through that for a super thin sheet. Trim all the raggy edges till you have a nice neat rectangle to work with.

Align your bottle up against the sheet and trim it down to size.

To cover the bottle wrap the sheet around the bottle and trim the edges then roll the bottle and the sheet together to smudge it all around the bottle, use your fingers to smudge around the neckline of the bottle.

Take the tip of a knife and clean the opening of the bottle by cutting away any excess clay that’s filling the hole.

Make a lid by creating a stem as shown that will sit into the bottle, the top of your stem can be any shape. We choose a simple ball for this project.

Bake your bottle as per the instructions on your poly clay or fimo packet. Once completed, baked and cooled apply a paint on varnish for a high gloss finish.

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