Pencil Desk Caddies

These two pencil holders make great gifts for teachers.

by Craftbits (Shellie Wilson)

They can be used to not only hold pens, pencils, and desk supplies, but they can also be used as vases, to brighten any teacher’s day.

What you need

Materials for the round pencil holder:

A recycled water bottle
31 unsharpened pencils
Tacky glue
Rubber bands

Materials for the square pencil holder:

A recycled quart milk container
40 pre-sharpened colored pencils


First, carefully cut the top off of the water bottle. This will leave you with a bottle that is about five inches tall. It’s easiest to work in small sections when applying the pencils to the outside of the water bottle, letting the glue dry before completing another section.

Start by applying glue from the top of the water bottle to the bottom on a section about 2 or 3 inches wide.

Hold pencils against the glued area, making sure the bottoms are flat against your work surface. Use rubber bands to hold the pencils in place.

Let the glue dry.

Repeat these steps, working on small sections and letting the glue dry before beginning another section, until the entire bottle is covered.

Perfect for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gifts as they are affordable and easy for children to make.

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