Peacock Feather Pendant

This peacock feather pendant is elegant and the colors are amazing.

by Craftbits (Shellie Wilson)

Simple to create with just a few supplies. This project is suitable for all ages.

​What you need

Glass slide
Judikins Diamond glaze
Peacock Feathers
Silver Bail http://www.photojewelrymaking.com/photo-bail.aspx


Start by coating your slide in Diamond glaze. You want a nice thick coating so that it will secure the feather. Gently lay the feather down into position. Don’t move it one it is down or you will ruffle the plumes. Allow it to dry completely.

Trim off any excess and over hanging feathers with a sharp pair or scissors. Apply another coat of Diamond glaze making sure to coat the sides of the slide to seal the edges of the feathers.

Allow to dry and re-coat again if required.

Once completely dry turn it over and secure the silver bail (found at jewelry supply stores) with a dob of Diamond glaze.

All done!

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